Charter School Hosts Forum


I want to thank the Governing Council of our charter schools here in Frederick for hosting this event as it was an interesting evening.

I believe, contrary to some opinions of bloggers that three of us are “… cookie-cutter Democrats. Three of them support federal mandates in education.” that we all answered questions last evening that showed many differences in our approaches to running a school system.  The questions and responses are not all included by the news paper account as there is limited space, but they were very comprehensive.  I was impressed by the questions generated by the charter school families and staff.  The questions were covered a broader range of topics than the FNP forum.

Only about 30 people in attendance but the forum was live streamed. Jeremy Bauer-Wolf captured some of the diversity of responses in his short article. He obviously could not capture them all but he wrote of a representative example.

One school asked us to submit answers to questions back during the primaries and mine are posted below from April.

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