Interview on AM 1450

Katherine Heerbrandt and Kai Hagen host Eye on our Community at AM 1450.  I was on the show with Katherine yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Both she and Michael, the producer of the program, were relaxed and friendly making the whole experience very comfortable.

So if you have an hour to kill and want to hear my responses to questions like, Why is Mike putting his signs in violation of Maryland law?  And discussing my background; what makes a good teacher, a great teacher;  what lessons did I want my students to learn; do curriculum specialists just sit around twiddling their thumbs; should students have a voice (vote)?; Integrity – what does it mean to me; what raising taxes as an investment can give us; class size – very important issue; can we change our school structure?  testing, national, local – really big question!  Multiple parts to the answer including Citizenship test, MSPAP, assessment windows, etc.  Data for data sake or to drive instruction?  I may have gotten some this part skewed…if so please write a question to me on the blog or to my email and I will post a response or correction.  I really want to get this correct.

Thank you for listening.

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